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My favortie doll-y!

How Much Does an American Girl Doll Really Cost?

The American Girl Dolls, which have been a hit since they came out in 1986, are more than just a doll to some little girls.  I have the now retired Samantha doll and was obsessed with it! I got the monthly American Girl Doll magazine with all the new clothes and accessories along with the Bitty Baby, which I also had.  I was always asking for new clothes for both dolls and the strollers, suitcases, etc.  These dolls can add up to a lot of money if you keep purchasing stuff for it.  On just my Samantha doll and her accessories, I have probably over $500 worth of stuff that I had collected over Holidays.  I thought it was completely worth it because those two dolls came with me everywhere!


Brad Paisley Makes a Splash

After the tough homecoming game loss to Southern Utah, Justin Moore, Darius Rucker, and Brad Paisley sure knew how to lift the spirits of all their fans!  Singing all their hits and new songs, Rucker even singing some from Hooty and the Blowfish, had everyone on their feet immediately.

Moss is back!

Randy Moss is coming back to the Minnesota Vikings

Randy Moss got traded back to the Vikings; I couldn’t be more excited about this! The Vikings gave the New Orleans Patriots a 2011 draft pick in order to get him back in the purple and gold number 84. He is said to be playing in their game on Monday against the New York Jets.

Hello world!

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